Camie Wylie is a Manhattan based ceramic artist with 15 years of experience.

She primarily displays her work at the 92nd St. Y, where she works as a studio assistant. 


Artist Statement


From the moment I felt clay in my hands, I knew this was going to be a lifetime passion. 

I have been working in porcelain almost exclusively for the last eleven years. 

I am drawn to color and texture, mixing glazes together and experimenting with form and sculpture. I use different elements like wood, sand, found materials, to compliment my differently shaped vessels.

Most of my pottery is functional. I like the feel of a cup in my hand, the shape of a vase with flowers draping over the rim. A platter filled with food. Useful beauty.


I started at the 92nd Street Y, and have had the privilege of being awarded "Best Piece" for the past four years in our annual Ceramic sale.

I have participated in workshops in Italy, Jamaica, and in the Hamptons at the Celadon Gallery in Watermill, New York.

Prior to my work with clay, I represented a still-life photographer for 15 years, before studying photography at ICP.